What is the organic olive oil?

What is the organic olive oil?

As previously explained in the article which illustrated the various labels accompanying olive oil (What is the PDO mark for extra virgin olive oil?), even the one of “organic” needs different explanations. It is not only the final product that must receive certification, but also raw materials and much more. Let’s see today what organic really means.

What does organic product mean?

Before defining what an organic product is, we need to go and understand the type of agriculture and everything that revolves around it. In fact, according to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, by organic farming we mean “all agricultural systems that can produce food in a socially and economically sound manner”. Taking into account the environmental impact, this kind of organic production uses a low amount of fertilizers, pesticides and chemical medicines, relying on nature and the life cycle.

This is how we depart from conventional agriculture, and therefore we are talking about raw materials of organic origin with high nutritional qualities.

The lack of products originated from chemical synthesis allows to safeguard the fertility of the soil and to avoid further pollution; even the parasitic agents used are of natural origin but are used only if necessary.

Organic extra virgin olive oil: details

To obtain a final product with organic certification, it is therefore necessary to start from raw materials of organic origin.

The cultivation of organic olives is done in a natural way, so they grow without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The olives that Olio Basso uses are free of GMOs and ionizing radiation, and come exclusively from the Italian territory (Puglia, Calabria and Sicily). From storage to processing, the properties are safeguarded in order to produce a truly excellent organic EVO oil.

Even the labeling is controlled: in order to include the organic certification, the product must comply with the standards and must present the codes of the control body and the operator, as well as the indication of the origin.


The consumption of organic products such as Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Olio Basso is particularly suitable for children, but also for adults who want to ensure a healthy and controlled diet. Our organic oil is available in different formats, from the “Grandolio” bottle to the “Marasca” bottle, up to the tin package.