The PDO mark for EVO oil

The PDO mark for EVO oil

There are many terms and acronyms used in the food field and one of them is “P.D.O.”  but what does it really means?

By definition, PDO stands for Protected Designation of Origin and it is a brand accompanied by strict rules to be observed; only by respecting all the quality standards that depend on the territory, then the product can receive the acronym.

PDO was born in 1992, together with PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in order to offer a real guarantee about the origin of raw materials and products on the market. Thanks to EEC Regulation 2081/92, the European Community decided to protect and safeguard producers and consumers from counterfeited products marketed throughout the European Union, through these marks linked to strict production rules. Moreover, with the PDO mark, the product can be easily traced as it automatically attests its origin and place of production.

As for extra virgin olive oil PDO, to be certified is the whole production cycle, therefore starting from the raw material. The geographical area must be well delimited because outside this area there is no possibility to affix the mark. All production and processing techniques must follow strict standards. An EVO PDO oil must have some fundamental characteristics related to the geographical environment where it originates, which do not only symbolize the territory, but also imply other human factors such as local techniques, the right tools and experience in the field. Secondly, the raw material and its processing must always be traceable to the defined geographical area that gives the name to the product.

In the line of extra virgin olive oils PDO of Olio Basso there are three products: the PDO Terra di Bari, from Castel del Monte, mainly produced from Coratina olives with a rich and intense flavor; Colline Salernitane, with an unmistakable scent typical of the Campania region; and the Val di Mazara, produced in the province of Palermo and Agrigento. All products PDO Basso Oil are subject to strict controls and represent not only an excellence typical of the territories of origin, but also for our company.