Olive Oil and Beauty: alternative usage

Olive Oil and Beauty: alternative usage

Recently, the beauty world has had a small turn towards increasingly green and ecofriendly products. With the spread of these new concepts of beauty, home-made recipes, home remedies that involve the use of ingredients available in our kitchen, have returned to be very current.

Among the most widely used ingredients, we definitely find Olive Oil, used since ancient times as an ointment for the body. With a 100% natural anti-aging action, Olive Oil is rich in beneficial substances and can be very useful for the skin.

Thanks to its moisturising properties, Olive Oil can be used to soften chapped skin and lips. Even though it’s rich in fat, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and oily, but rather penetrates deeply and nourishes beyond the surface. Moreover, thanks to its soothing properties, it is able to improve skin problems, such as burns and scalds and can be used as a bath oil, even for little ones.

Olive Oil is a perfect natural makeup remover, capable of removing with great ease even the most resistant makeup. It is also an excellent ally for shaving: its viscosity helps the razor to slide better, reducing irritation.

If left on damp hair for about 30 minutes, it is an excellent detangler and polisher. Its beneficial action on the hair increases if used just warmed up.

In addition, it improves the appearance of ruined or damaged nails: just soak your hands in a solution of water and oil before manicure.

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