November, the month of olive oil

November, the month of olive oil

This is the month dedicated to oil, but why November? During this period, we generally provide the olive harvest, an ancient and traditional ritual, the first step in the production of olive oil.

Olio Basso uses only olives that have reached the right level of ripeness, technically called veraison, and are harvested with the help of combs or shaking arms that drop the fruit on nets placed under the trees.

As for olives, veraison is generally defined by the change of color of the fruit, different from cultivar to cultivar, which can be green, deep purple or even brown. With the right level of ripeness of the olive, the process of inoliation is also at the apex of the maximum yield: in fact, with the arrival of rigid temperatures, it follows a slowing down of this process, which could compromise the yield of production. For this reason, November is the right time for harvesting.

In our company, quality is a must: for this reason, the production process that takes place in the oil mill is characterized by steps able to increase efficiency. During the crushing, we use a hammer crusher that not only reduces the grinding time, but also increases the extraction of polyphenolic substances. Afterwards, the crushing is carried out at a temperature lower than 27°C, in order to limit the oxidation that would compromise the quality of the oil.

Once the oil has been extracted, the company panel and the laboratory verify the conformity of the product taking into account the Reg. (EU) 2568/1991 and subsequent amendments. Only in the event of a positive outcome, the product is classified as extra virgin olive oil.

The products of Olio Basso are valuable and rich in virtues beneficial to our health. All the lines produced by our company ensure taste and character to each course, to enjoy every day all the goodness of oils of excellence.