Our Story

Basso Oil, since 1904 Fedele nel Gusto

“Our history has deep roots,
a passion carried out with loyalty and dedication for five generations”

Inside every drop of our oil there is the story of Felice Basso,

who crossed the mountains of Salerno in 1904, to bring the freshly picked olives to Serino, in Irpinia, where he met the love of his life.

Inside every drop of our oil there is the story of Fedele Basso,

who founded the “Basso Fedele e Figli” with tenacity and great humanity. To which he dedicated, with his wife, his whole life.

Inside every drop of our oil there is the story of Sabino Basso,

who has transformed the small family-run factory into a company that exports to over 80 countries around the world, with resourcefulness and courage.

Inside every drop of our oil there there is the story of Fabrizio and Federico Basso,

who combine innovation and tradition, with gratitude and seriousness.

Inside each drop of our oil there is the story of each of us.

The Origin
The family on the farm
Export to America
The Company grows
100 Years of Activity
Entry into Confindustria
The family grows
Sabino Basso Line
The Basso was created by Felice Basso
Basso Fedele and Figli Srl was founded
The beginning of foreign sales, mainly in the United States
Inauguration of San Michele di Serino factory
100 years of activity and opening of company crusher
Sabino Basso elected president of Confindustria Campania
Fabrizio and Federico become part of the company
New Sabina Basso product line, High quality extra virgin olive oil produced in selected geographical areas


The great Basso family

“Family: is what has always unite us and bind us.”

It is the synergy that has been created, that understanding that goes beyond simple working collaboration, that makes working together so special.

Luigi, Gianni, Filippo, Raffaele, Corrado are just some of the many faces and names priceless for us, which have intertwined with each other writing the pages of our history, year after year.

Lives that still intertwine in the daily sharing of our own values and objectives, side by side. Or who try to intertwine again, even if the work together has long ended, with dedications and anecdotes of past memories to tell and write to each other.